Funny Best Man Speech Resources

How To Write a Hilarious Best Man Speech Even If You've Never Spoke In Public Or Aren't a Funny Person

Giving a speech at a wedding can be nerve racking. In fact, public speaking is the number one fear of many people, even more so than dying.

The good news, however, is that anyone can give a very memorable toast, even if they've never spoke in public.

How do you make it memorable?

Make it funny. Let's be honest - giving a completely serious speech, even if it's sincere, might be nice for the groom or bride, but does the audience want that? Of course not...

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How To Write Jokes For Your Speech (Late Night TV Trick)

Use this late night TV comedy secret to make jokes out of otherwise unfunny things. Often times there are no funny stories, or the groom isn't a funny person, so this comedy trick is crucial.

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Nervous? Left Writing Your Speech To The Last Minute?

Not a problem. Simply steal these 40 time-tested and proven jokes that are guaranteed to get you laughs at any wedding. Simply insert the appropriate names where needed.

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Make Jokes About Current Events

Making jokes in your Best Man toast about current events work brilliantly because everyone can relate to them. For example, if the groom is cheap, you could say something like: "John went to a Trump rally the other day, not because he's a..."

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